Homeopathy training course

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Our world needs healing on many different levels



Only a holistic perspective will ultimately be effective and sustainable



We believe in nature's intrinsic ability to heal itself



We also believe that everybody can make a difference



If you are the sort of person who is excited by challenge, who welcomes change and is also interested in seeing things in new ways then look at what we have to offer



We encourage having as much fun as possible in the process because in our experience, everybody learns more easily when enjoying themselves



We have been providing part time (one weekend a month) professional practitioner training courses in the Midlands since 1988

"This Homeopathy course changed my life. But more than that, since I graduated, it has equipped me to help hundreds of other people change their lives for the better. If it's right for you, step into a brilliant new future now."

Keith (Graduate)



New Course Starting Autumn 2016

Sit in on one of our weekends to discover if it is what you are looking for

Foundation Course - 1 year part time

Practitioner Training Course - 4 years part time

Part time means 11 weekends per year



"I cannot recommend THC highly enough if you are considering a journey into the wonderful realms of homeopathy.

I came in contact with the college at a point where I was already fully qualified via another learning Institute but felt that, even after 5 years of training, I had not gained the confidence to branch out and practice on my own.

I can only say that the learning supplied at the college surpassed any expectation I may have had and the welcoming and loving environment provided enabled me to grow as a person and a practitioner."

Wendy G Glynn


Three pages to visit first:

Contact me - email is best or give me a ring on 0121 423 1914 or at home on 01803 865780


Go Healthy ..... Go Homeopathy