Previously the College of Practical Homeopathy - Midlands

Homeopathy training course

"I was so impressed by the training that I received at the college.  I have yet to meet another homeopath who has received such rounded experience and confidence in the work as I received."
Tricia St Clair (Graduate)

How to Enquire or Apply to Join the Course

Applying to join the homeopathy training course starting in September is easy

David Howell - one of the founders of THCChristopher Hammond - PrincipalAdmission to the course is by application and informal interview - and I do mean informal. We do not stand on ceremony here! This enables us to assess our mutual suitability.

You are strongly encouraged to sit in on one of our teaching weekends for as long as you wish, from a few hours to a whole weekend. Please make prior arrangements by telephoning me on 01803 865780 or 0121 423 1914 so that we know to expect you. This is an opportunity to meet me (Christopher) and some of the staff, see the clinic building and ask questions. We can also give you any additional information about the College and the course that you need. It serves as our informal interview. If you can't come, give me a ring anyway.

I also strongly recommend that you sit in on other courses too before coming to any decision. I am very happy to advise you about other courses which I consider to be offering good trainings that you could consider or you could look on the Homeopathy Course Providers Forum web page.


DroseraWe are starting a new course in September of this year 2016.

You can see our College Dates for this year when you can sit in.

Feel free to get in touch with us through the 'Contact Us' page.

You may also download our Prospectus.

You can download an Enquiry /Application Form here to register an interest in the course or to apply to join. It commits you to nothing. You only commit yourself to the course when you enroll and pay your deposit. This file also contains the information about Course Fees and Expenses