Previously the College of Practical Homeopathy - Midlands

Homeopathy training course

"I was so impressed by the training that I received at the college.  I have yet to meet another homeopath who has received such rounded experience and confidence in the work as I received."

Tricia St Clair (Graduate)

The Homeopathy Training Course in Iceland

The first year of this professional training course is also a foundation year; an introduction to equip you to treat simple conditions at home with family and friends besides giving you a solid grounding in the basics of the subject.

As in the UK, we focus on making things real from early on in the course - we make a deliberate decision to trust our students to be sensible and to do with others what they would do with themselves. We encourage and support students to learn how to monitor themselves, their progress and to know when to ask for help and how to get it. We give regular feedback and offer advice where needed. The main purpose of our assessments, monitoring, interviews and so on is to help students know where they are, what their strengths are and on which areas they need to focus in order to develop their skills further.

A classroom sceneThe course in Iceland has a different format for full practitioner recognition according to local guidelines/requirements re Alternative Practice.

The first year is a foundation year, the next 3 years are full time equivalent involving 3,600 hours of course and study time, incorporating the Homeopathy curriculum, Anatomy/Physiology, Pathology, Nutrition, Physiognomy, Ethics and First Aid. Comprehensive supervised clinical training takes place in year 3 and 4 with ongoing supervised Tutorials and Study Groups.

We have not written a separate prospectus for Iceland but most of what is written in the UK prospectus applies also to Iceland.

Martin is our local contact in Iceland for more information about the course. He can be reached on GSM 897 8190 or by email on