Previously the College of Practical Homeopathy - Midlands

Homeopathy training course

"Our courses are designed to help hightly motivated individuals to develop a real passion for Homeopathy"

The Aims of The Homeoapthy College

The Homeopathy College aims to create a friendly, challenging and safe environment to facilitate the evolution of each student into a successful, safe and enthusiastic practitioner.

Our courses are designed to help highly motivated individuals develop a real passion for Homeopathy and train or retrain for a new career.

Coffee makes the remedy Coffea tostaWe believe that homeopathy is an incredibly safe method for helping people to heal. It is safe, fun, interesting and very satisfying at all levels. We encourage our students to discover their own potential and the potential of homeopathy through using it right from the beginning of the course.

There are two distinct aspects to our professional course:

The training which enables students to develop into proficient and sensitive Homeopaths.

The nurturing of each student's inner confidence and security, allowing him / her to enjoy putting new found skills into practice.

It is because we emphasise the importance of both these aspects that the vast majority of our students not only graduate but go on to become successful practitioners, taking their skills and knowledge to people throughout the world.

We believe that the most effective way to evaluate Homeopathy is by what it does - by the results it achieves. Our training focuses on the value of what works in practise rather than adherence to any abstract theory.

We apply the same principle to ourselves. Our College and courses are constantly evolving and improving. We listen to the views of our students, graduates and lecturers to discover what works and what we need to change.