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Homeopathy Senegal

Two of our graduates have done fantastic work treating the people of Senegal in rural areas. They treated over 5000 people in one year, many with very serious diseases, with amazing results. They were in the process of building a clinic in one of the more remote areas and many people helped with funding this big project. They had governmental approval and the land was donated by local villagers, they sought the resources to build it. Many of the students at THC helpd in the process of fund raising to support this venture.

The Ghana Project - find out what it is about.

Balen's are doing CPD events - visit their web site for their program of events.

The Travelling Homeopathic Collective - they always have interesting stuff going on.

Aroga - provide seminars and courses throughout the year in Derbyshire. Take a look here.

AAMAR Healing site - For all the latest news on healing and holistic courses and workshops

West London Homeopaths - they usually have intereting and useful seminars running throughout the year. Full details - follow title link. Contact

The Southwest Circle - a series of seminars running throughout the year

Pinnacle Seminars - also run a series of seminars including such names as Dr Sankaran in their line up


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